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What does living free look like to you?

For me, it’s the ability to live life on your own terms every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 day 👏🏼

If I want to hop on a plane and work from Mexico next week, I can do that. If I’m feeling under the weather and need to take a sick day, I can do that (without having to be guilt tripped by the boss). If I wanna chill at home and work in my pj’s all day, I can do that. “Working” no longer feels like work to me. I literally get PAID to do what I LOVE doing 🤯 THAT is the ultimate freedom for me

Freedom came for me when I answered the call. I got tired of feeling stuck. I got tired of complaining about the “hamster wheel” life, but taking no action to change it.

Finally, I realized that I was the ONLY person that had control to change my situation. No one was coming to “save me.” No one was going to hand me the answers to life. I had to figure it the heck out because I knew staying in the rut I was in was NOT an option🙅🏻‍♀️

Boldly stepping out of my comfort zone, taking authority over my life and aligning myself with my passions was my ticket to FREEDOM. You can do this too sister, I promise. I don’t have any kinda special sauce that you don’t have. If I can change my situation and go from living paycheck to paycheck, ANYONE can!

Are you going to answer the call?