Life With Ashley Jones Travel To Iceland

I AM WHATS POSSIBLE…. and so are YOU!🤩

Life has knocked me on my butt many times. I’ve experienced trauma that I didn’t deserve. I had low confidence, virtually no self worth and felt so small and insignificant in this big world. I was negative, depressed, jealous of others and wallowed in self pity constantly. I wondered why things seemed to always “work out” for others but never for ME

Finally, I realized that I was the ONLY person that had control to change my situation. No one was coming to “save me.” No one was going to hand me the answers to life. I had to figure it the heck out because I knew staying in the rut I was in was NOT an option🙅🏻‍♀️

I took the leap, hired a coach, started my business and strapped myself in for the craziest (but amazing) rollercoaster ride of my life! 🤪

Now I’m traveling the world, raking in the dough, meeting amazing new friends and living a life of freedom! 🙌🏼 I’ve seen how quickly I was able to completely change my life and I want this life for EVERYONE

My digital course, The Travel Boss Bible, is launching in the new year – so get EXCITED! I’ll be teaching you the step-by-step process of planning, selling and executing your very own group trips or retreats (even if you don’t have a large IG following!)