Ashley Jones in Turkey

Lately I’ve been really hard on myself…
“You could be working harder!”
“No days off, don’t be lazy!”
“You can always be doing more!”
“Why didn’t you finish everything on the to-do list today? Unacceptable.”

I’m my own worst critic (as most of are) and I’m so quick to jump down my own throat and point out everything I haven’t done and all that I have left to complete😩

BUT, I rarely think about how much PROGRESS I’ve made in such a short time. I was reminded of this today on my call with my real estate investing mentor Caitlin Jones.

She had me do an exercise called “Living The Dream.” I wrote down 10 things that I have in my current reality that the past version of me desperately wanted but didn’t have. We talked through all the things and she had me pick the biggest & most important one. Then she said, “Before you had that one thing, what was that Ashley like? Who was she?”


The most important thing in my current reality that my past self didn’t have was “Self-love & confidence.” You guys wouldn’t even recognize the person I used to be. The past Ashley was angry, negative, felt invisible, felt trapped and often times wondered if anyone would even notice if I was gone🥺

To go from wishing I wasn’t alive to being SO FULL OF LIFE 🤯 I just literally have no words. Tears are filling my eyes while I type this. I am just so grateful and so proud of ME!

So yes, I will flex because – GO ME!

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace. You are killing it at life. Celebrate your wins frequently. I love you! 😘