Life With Ashley Jones - Group Travel Trip To Egypt


You deserve so much more than tolerating what is not meant for you. I’m talking about friendships, intimate relationships, your job, where you live, toxic work environments, trading time for money and the list goes on 📝

Why do we tolerate some of these soul sucking things day in and day out? Two of the main reasons are:

1. COMFORT – Even though so many people desire change from their current situation, most will never take the action to change it because it would force them to step out of their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a predictable, safe place and stepping into the unknown can be scary and intimidating

2. SELF WORTH – Many people don’t go after their goals & dreams because they don’t feel that they are capable or worthy of what they truly desire.

I struggled HARD with both of these barriers before finally stepping out of my comfort zone and truly changing my life. How did I break past it? I got FED UP. I got fed up with trudging back & forth to a thankless job, my toxic work environment and the mandatory overtime requirements. I got fed up with trading my time for money and rarely having time for myself. Most importantly, I got fed up hearing myself constantly complain but doing absolutely nothing to change my situation

Even though my life was safe, comfortable & predictable, ultimately I was miserable. I KNEW that I could not live like this for the rest of my life. I knew that I was MEANT FOR MORE

Are you fed up? Are you ready to step out of that comfort zone and truly change your life?

Sis, you’ve got two choices – step forward into growth or step back into safety. Stay within your comfort zone and keep wishing, hoping and dreaming of a better life, or take a step into the unknown and CREATE your own version of how you want your life to look.