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If you’ve been paying attention to my Instagram stories, then you already know that I bought a pair of rollerskates few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stay off of them! When I was a kid, skating was my absolute favorite activity. I used to pretend I was an ice skater and would create little routines and perform them in the driveway.

When I received them in the mail, I was so nervous because I haven’t put on a pair of skates in at least 20 years! I was certain I would look like a newborn giraffe clumsily falling all over the place. After a few minutes getting reacclimated, I was zooming all over the place! I was shocked at how quickly I was able to pick my childhood hobby back up.

Although I felt confident in my roller skating skills, I was still apprehensive about skating in public. I see my neighbors outside walking and riding their bikes, but I’ve never seen anyone skating. I was so nervous about what people would think of me.

Why is this grown up roller skating and dancing like a little kid? What if I fall and bust my ass in front of people?

The first day I went out skating in the neighborhood, I quickly got over all of those worries because I was having the time of my life! I had my headphones on, my music cranked up and I just felt so FREE. I couldn’t care less about what anyone thought! Most people I passed actually flashed me a smile and a wave. There was one interaction I had with an elderly man that just hit me right in the feels.

As I was out there zippin’ around and doing my thing, he walked out of his garage and saw me. His face absolutely lit up with joy and he started waving and said “Well hi there!” He was the cutest and he made my whole day!

This is your reminder to stop worrying about what other people think about you! If it makes you happy that is all that matters! Get out there and live your biggest and brightest life!